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Pastoral Care endeavors to provide compassion-filled support, encouragement and hope to our family of God and our community.  We are the listening ear, the comforting heart and the helping hand of a Christian friend.  During His three years of ministry here on earth, Christ Jesus spent virtually all of His time with people in difficult life situations.  In the same way, the Pastoral Care ministry draws alongside to help meet the needs of those experiencing tough times.

Each person maintains relationships on three different levels.  First and foremost is their “vertical” relationship with God.  Second, is an “internal” relationship with themselves, termed by some as self-worth or self-image.  And third are “horizontal” relationships maintained with others.  Difficult life situations have the very real potential to affect relationships on all three of these levels.

The Pastoral Care ministry offers a number of support and healing groups to help people cope with and grow through times of grief, depression, illness, divorce, separation or loss, as well as overcome strongholds and addictive behaviors.  The ministers and elders of our ministry are available to assist with spiritual needs or questions of  those who face crises or issues which are critical in their lives.


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