We give God all the glory and again for enabling us to reach the far we have gone.Bearing in our minds that the ministry started by faith,We have every reason to appreciate God for.We have ongoing church developments in different stages.And they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places: thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations; and thou shalt be called, The repairer of the breach, The restorer of paths to dwell in.ISA 58.12

   1. Luckysummer church

Apostle Benson Musyimi is the presiding and senior pastor of this congregation which accommodates 45-60 adults and 20 children.The church has a program of raising money to purchase church public address system.They are also trusting God to buy church land and pastors car.Any help accorded to them will be highly appreciated.For this vision to be complete the church needs 40,000 US dollars.


Pastor Titus Muia Mumbe  is the  pastor of this congregation under the leadership of Rev Joseph Mutua Kalii as an overseer.We have already our own land and constructed kitchen,toilet and worshiping church hall which needs plaster and painting.They have some public adress system but lacks musical instruments like keyboards,guitar and generator.

3.Ulutya church

This congregation is the home area of our presiding apostle Benson Musyimi which is under the leadership of pastor Joshua Maingi Mutua.Unfortunate they have nothing we can call theirs except some sitting wooden foams and chairs.They hold services on rental premises.This congregation needs land and public address system.5000 usd can help them achieve a good start of developing their own place of worship.

4.kathita church

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This church is under the leadership of pastor Moses Muli.Pastor moses and his congregation though few have achieved a lot through their hard working and commitment.The church has its own plot/land and constructed church hall which is at its finishing stage,kitchen and latrine.With 3000 Usd the church can complete the pending work.Image may contain: 1 personNo automatic alt text available.

5.Katuta church.

Sister Elizabeth Mutua is in charge of this congregation.It is the home church for Rev Joseph who is the area overseer.They are holding services at their own constructed church building though needs some finishing.Fortunately,this church has its own land and and enough space for extensions.With 3500 usd the church can accomplish the ongoing project.


Kakeani church is one of our most fast growing congregation under the leadership of pastor Philiph Kasyima Ngava. Rev. Daniel Kilanga is the area overseer in kitui region.Being able to open another 3 church branches.Rev. Daniel Musyima Kilanga and the team are doing great work on their area of ministry.

9.Kwandemwa church Branch.Image may contain: 9 people, including Joan Walker, crowd and outdoor

Pastor peter Munene is incharge of this congregation.This congregation has survived many challenges.They have fought much and wrestled down the principalities and strong holds of that area.The church is in process of raising funds to do their church hall roofing and finishing of the building.With 4500 USD The vision can be evident.


Pastor Justus Makau is pastor in charge of this congregation.This church stands as our beacon and entrance gate to maasai land which has been progressing well. we have been able to purchase instruments for this church and land which awaits a permanent church building to be established on our said church land. We Need 5500USD to realize this dream.

11.Katangwa church

Rev. Daniel Musyima Kilanga is the senior pastor of this congregation as He exercise authority to all other churches in kitui region as an overseer. We thank God for this congregation which has been very progressive and their hard work. Members of the community have started a school which assists the less privileged in education. The church building is sitting on our own land and plans are on top gear for expansion.

12.Junction church

Pastor Robert is the senior pastor of this congregation. The church has got nothing they can call theirs since it needs land and public address system as they struggle to have other needful and church basics. With 2000usd can give it a warm start of land and construction.

13. Kwangutu Church.

This church is under leadership of Pastor Moses Muimi Muli who is still shepherding kathita church. the church has some chairs and holding services on rental premises. with 4000 usd the church can thrive in a great way.

14.Mikindani churchNo automatic alt text available.

This church is our beacon and entry gate to mombasa county. It is our leading ministry in church membership where pastor Ann and patrick are doing a great job. The church has PAS AND THE LAND though the number of members joining the church is alarming and they will be forced to relocate  and find more spacious land unless otherwise!! if this happens the church will need over 40,000USD TO realize this dream.


This is our latest church branch which Pastor Stephen has been pastoring. It has land and a permanent building which is halfway constructed. The church has encountered strong resistant from the community but thank God for the enabling grace that has been granted to her very faithful members. We are yet to establish a pastor in this church but currently Rev. Joseph Mutua Kalii WILL BE REPLACING THE OUTGOING PASTOR DUE TO UNAVOIDABLE ISSUES and will be incharge as pastor.

Isinya Church ...... Loading!!!!

Thank you for going through our project page,we pray God you have been touched to stand with one of our congregation of your choice.Updates and correspondence of your ministry of choice is assured.God bless and increase you in every good work.

You can send your help via paypal or contact us at pastorbensonmann@yahoo.com

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